Tesco Car Insurance

Information for car owners interested in getting an insurance quote direct from Tesco

This company provided and administer car insurance through UK Insurance which is in turn wholly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, so it has the backing of the third largest insurance group in the UK.

Tesco should offer a car insurance quote provided you are resident in and the vehicle is kept in the UK, except Northern Ireland. All drivers must be between 17 and 79 years old at the beginning of the car insurance policy, hold a full UK driving licence and be permanently resident in the UK. The car must be owned and registered by the insurance policyholder at their address. It must a UK model or built to UK specifications* and it must not be modified*.

Both fully comprehensive and third party fire and theft cover is offered to suit your purposes, both of which are available online with a 10% discount for buying online. Fully comprehensive car insurance cover is compulsory on vehicles with a value greater than £5,000.

Business use* is included providing you agree this when you take out the insurance policy, and you use your car in accordance with the section called "limitations as to use" in the policy booklet. The policyholder and the policyholder’s spouse/partner (if named on the insurance policy) can also use the car in connection with their business provided that their or their employer’s business is not connected in any way with the following: the entertainment and fashion industry, professional sports, foreign service or diplomatic personnel, scrap or salvage merchants, general dealers or market traders, mini cab drivers or controllers. Use in connection with the motor trade is specifically excluded.

The total number of fault accidents or claims (including theft) for each car driver on the insurance policy must not exceed 2 in the last 3 years and the total number of convictions, fixed penalties or disqualifications must not exceed 2 in the last 5 years.

Up to 2 additional named drivers can be added to the policy. They must also be between 17 and 79 years at the beginning of the car insurance policy.

No-claim discount can be carried forward from your previous insurance company provided you ceased that policy within the last 2 years. Once 4 years NCD has been accumulated, you can protect it for a small additional premium, this meaning you can have 1 claim in any year (or up to 2 claims in any 3 year period) and you won't lose your hard earned discount.

Accident claims with the company's car insurance are dealt with by telephone. A 24 hour claims helpline provides advice and links to their nationwide Network Repairers. All work carried out by Network Car Repairers is fully guaranteed for three years using only manufacturer approved car parts. Motor Legal Protection* is available as an insurance optional extra which will assist if you have a car accident that's not your fault by working on your behalf to recover things not covered by the policy, for example, excess, personal injury and loss of earnings.

Temporary Replacement Car* is also an option, they will provide you with a 1.0 litre or similar hire car for up to 14 days after yours becomes unusable due to an accident (excluding windscreen damage). This even applies up to three days after your insurance claim has been settled by a payment being sent to you if your car has been stolen or written off.

Vehicle sharing* to and from work etc. is written into the car insurance policy and the receipt of contributions in respect of the carriage of passengers for social or similar purposes, as part of a vehicle sharing arrangement, will not be regarded as the carriage of passengers for hire or reward or the use of a car for hiring, provided that the car is not constructed or adapted to carry more than eight passengers excluding the driver, the passengers are not being carried in the course of a business of carrying passengers and the total contributions received for the journey do not involve an element of profit.

Please note, conditions will apply for all of the insurance products for cars mentioned above, please contact the company concerned for more information.

* Specific conditions apply, not detailed here, please see the company's literature for full details.